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Who We Are

Credit Leverage X was founded by Gennadiy Nadirov and Robert Lyon, two individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise united by a common mission. Geno, a California native with Russian heritage, initially pursued engineering but found his passion in leveraging credit and real estate investments for financial freedom.

Robert, a US Army veteran and seasoned entrepreneur from Boulder, Colorado, brings over two decades of experience in scaling businesses through credit and innovative marketing strategies. Together, they aim to empower individuals with the tools and knowledge to achieve financial independence.

What We're Passionate About:​

At Credit Leverage X, we are deeply passionate about providing individuals with the resources and guidance to take control of their financial futures. Our commitment extends beyond mere financial success; we strive to foster a community dedicated to learning, growth, and empowerment.

Financial Independence

We understand the importance of financial independence and offer tailored solutions to help you achieve it. Through our credit leverage program, we assist you in rapidly increasing your credit score, securing maximum funding, and creating multiple streams of income. Our comprehensive business coaching covers foundational principles, marketing tactics, scaling strategies, and even guidance on selling your businesses for profit.

Financial Education

Education is the cornerstone of financial empowerment. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed financial decisions. Our program includes coaching on real estate investing, from wholesaling to creative financing and multi-family investments. Additionally, we offer insights into passive income generation and access to a private community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Financial Security

Maintaining and growing wealth over time is paramount to achieving lasting financial security. Through our program, we equip you with the skills and resources to navigate the complexities of wealth management. From leveraging credit for real estate investments to exploring alternative income streams, we empower you to build a secure financial foundation for the future.

Credit Leverage X Program

  • We will help you increase your credit (fast!) ​⚡
  • ​​Help you get Maximum Funding. 
  • How to create multiple streams of income.
  • ​Passive income. ( How to turn your funding into passive income to live your best life)
  • Business Coaching. (Foundations, Marketing tactics, Scaling Businesses, Selling Your Businesses for a profit & so much more) ​
  • Real Estate Investing Coaching. (Wholesaling, Creative Financing, Multi Family Investing, Section 8 housing, Air BnB and More)
  • ​Access to our private community of like minded entrepreneurs.

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